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Welcome to Kolsa Mohalla (Ranavav) Halai Memon Jamat

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The holy month of Ramzan is fast approaching. Insha Allah - we will get one more opportunity to do penance for our sins by observing fast, praying to Almighty Allah, offering 'Zakat' etc..

We at Kolsa Mohalla (Ranavav) Halai Memon Jamat pray that all your offerings are accepted by Allah and you are bestowed with the best of this world and the world hereinafter.

However, it is imperative that your ''Zakat'' reaches the deserving people. Any 'Zakat', if handed over to a wrong person, not only deprives the rightful person of help but also goes waste.

You are aware that Kolsa Mohalla (Ranavav) Halai Memon Jamat comes to the rescue of needy people by extending medical and educational aid and also helps widows to keep the fire burning in their households. Jamat also extends help to downtrodden for securing houses as also to marry the siblings of the poor.

We believe Karo Meherbaani Tum Ahle Zameein Par Khuda Meherbaan Hoga Urshe Bareein Par

You will appreciate that very few other than the Jamat are entitled to get your 'Zakat' in view of the laudable work being done by the Jamat.
Please extend your fullest co-operation by sending your 'Zakat' to Jamat. We wish to inform you that every paisa that you contribute towards 'Zakat' ensures an abode in heaven for you. Isn't it a safe investment?

Please send your 'Zakat' as also the donations to Jamat in cash or by cheque/demand draft favouring Kolsa Mohalla Halai Memon Jamat.
Wishing you all the best.

With regards
Sincerely yours,
For Kolsa Mohalla (Ranavav) Halai Memon Jamat

M. Anwar Abbajumma