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Mr. A. Aziz A. Sattar Machchiwala Convener
Embedded in my mind are those treasured moments spent with colleagues, their helpful hands and useful ideas which have helped me to accomplish difficult tasks and meet deadlines with comparative ease. It is my privilege to present the report of Medical Aid Committee 2007-2008.

Medical Aid was provided to 1047 patients belonging to the less privileged strata. A sum of Rs. 13,07,634/- (Rupees Thirteen Lakhs Seven Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Four) and Rs. 36,5001/- ( Rupees Thirty Six Thousand Five Hundred) through welfare fund was disbursed during past year on Cancer, Hear Cases, Dialysis, Cataract operation, Investigation, Medicines and Hospitalization etc.

Free spectacles, hearing aid and prosthesis were also supplied.

A Charitable dispensary is being run daily at the Jamat Khana premises for the less privileged people of society. Two experienced physicians including a lady doctor attend the clinic. About 12000 patients benefited last year.

Almost all of the expenses mentioned were met by DONATIONS and ZAKAAT from the generous personalities of the Jamat and others. We are thankful to al of them for their overwhelming response and are hopeful of receiving the same in future with mush more enthusiasm.

Our special thanks to Mr. Haji Yunus Aghadi, Mr. Irfan Furniturewala, Mr. Imran Furniturewala, Mr. Majeed Nathani, Mr. Iqbal Memon, Mr. Mushtaq Merchant, Mr. Mukhtar Johari, Mr. Ahmed Merchant, Mr. Baba Bhai Sopariwala, Mr. Ebrahim Sopariwala, Mr. Rashid Hingwala, Mr. Iqbal Zaveri for their generous contribution.
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