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Ladies Committee

Sheherbanoo U. Gullar

It is my privilege once again to present the report of Ladies Committee's activities for 2013-14. The ladies hold meetings once a week to attend to women in distress having problems ranging from unemployment, children’s marriage, housing, house repairs and deposits, payment of overdue maintenance or electricity bills, education and health etc. These women were memon as well as non memon.

A few of the ‘Jamat’ women asked for “Jamat Card”. The women were thus referred to Poverty Relief Committee after thorough scrutiny. Some deserving cases were referred to the Medical Committee, Education Committee or to Chandiwala Trust of our ‘Jamat’ according to their needs. A very deserving Jamat woman was recommended for housing and was provided a flat at Neral by Jamat. Another non jamati woman was given a sewing machine worth Rs. 8500/- by Jamat on the recommendation of the Ladies Committee.
If a case did not fit into our Jamat’s policy, help was provided from the Ladies Committee Fund. Thus during the past year, a total of Rs. 55,000/- (Rupees Fifty Five Thousand Only) was disbursed on 20 students for education purpose and Rs. 49,700/- (Rupees Forty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred Only) on 35 women for miscellaneous purposes. Besides this, a loan of Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) was extended to one woman for a small time business.

Ladies Committee members had a great role to play in the Annual Prize Distribution Function. They also represented on the Poverty Relief Committee, Education Committee, Medical Aid Committee and Souvenir Committee.

In summer vacation, under the aegis of our Women’s Empowerment Programme, 7th batch of a grooming course for girls ‘HONAHAR BETI’ was conducted successfully. A separate report is being presented in this Souvenir.

By the grace of Almighty ALLAH, Quran Translation classes are being held twice a week for ladies by one of our Committee Members.
Under Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojna, widows, senior citizens and handicaps from the low socioeconomic strata of the society benefit. Our Committee members helped the eligible applicants to submit their applications with relevant documents to the representative office. Six of the women are already getting a grant since last two years. Other applications are under process.

Under Maulana Azad Education Fund for girls from minority group, candidates obtaining 55% marks in SSC are eligible to get a lump sum of Rs. 6000/- in Std. XI and XII each year. The family income per year should not exceed rupees one lac. Two girls have managed to benefit under this scheme. Quite a few cases are under process.
Last, but not the least, I wish to thank the Ladies Committee and in particular those ladies who have voluntarily and selflessly helped me and cooperated with me in carrying out the work. I also wish to thank the Office Bearers of our Jamat for their all out support throughout the year. May ALLAH TA’ALA bless them all.

Ms. Sheherbanoo U. Gullar (Convenor)
Mrs. Roshan-Ara T. Malbarwala Mrs. Fabiha Shadaab Patel Mrs. Shabana E. Kolsawala
Miss. Zaibunnisa Machhiwala Mrs. Nafisa A. Kolsawala Mrs. Basribai Y. Aghadi
Mrs. Abida Abid Zaveri
Mrs.Samina J. Reshamwala
Mrs. Raziya Gopalani