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Welcome to Kolsa Mohalla (Ranavav) Halai Memon Jamat

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Every night when I go to bed, I assessed TODAY’S COST of living with YESTERDAY and always come to one conclusion that YESTERDAY was CHEAPER than TODAY. THEN WHAT ABOUT TOMORROW?

Day by day the inflation is rising only on one side that is HIGH TO HIGHER.   

Our society is divided in three categories:-

  1. Upper Class: For them the HIGHER COST means nothing.
  2. Middle Class: They just GRUMBLE and keep on their STRUGGLE to meet two ends of their earnings.
  3. Lower Class: They are WINDOW SHOPPERS, cursing their faith.

Last two categories they don’t want luxury, but they cannot escape from their basic necessities like Livelihood, Education, Medical Expenses and to some extent Housing.

Kolsa Mohalla Halai Memon Jamat have set-up a bench of dedicated members who are given responsible task to make the needy families comfortable and smiling by providing them basic needs mentioned above.

Of-course this is possible to manage with your kind Support and Co-Operation.

I request the Donors to donate generously their Zakat/Donation to Jamat whole heartedly and help these needy families to breathe some moments tension-free.

May Almighty ALLAH give you best JAZA and bless us all with good deeds, AMEEN.

Yours sincerely

Abdul Rashid Hingwala
Poverty Relief Committee


Mr. Rashid Hingwala (Convenor) Mr. A. Latif Moosa Mr. Ab. Wahab Machhiwala
Mr. Ashfaque Dhorajiwala Mr. Salim Ismail Vaid Mr. Rehmatullah
Kasam Patel
Mr. Adil Yusuf Patel
Mr. Amin Shafi Ajmeri
Mr. Aslam Anwar Abbajumma
Mr. Anjum Yusuf Kapadia Mr. Abdul Gani Kapadia Mr. A. Razzak Machhiwala
Mr. Ebrahim Sopariwala Ms. Sheherbanoo
U. Gullar
Mrs. Roshanara T. Malbarwala
Mrs. Shabana Ebrahim Kolsawala Mrs. Nafisa Afzal Kolsawala Mr. Ilyas I. Memon
Mrs. Basribai Haji
Yunus Aghadi
Mr. Muddassir Iqbal Ambawala Mrs. Abida Abid Zaveri
Mrs.Samina Javed A. Reshamwala Mr. Anwar Janmuhammed Nagaria Mr. Mufazzal Ebrahim Kolsawala
Miss. Zaibunnisa Machhiwala