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From the desk of
M. Anwar Abbajumma
President - Kolsa Mohalla Halai Memon Jamat

Dear Members
Assalamu Alaikum
The difference between “ORDINARY” and “EXTRAORDINARY” is that little “EXTRA”, which, we, the members of the Kolsa Mohalla Halai Memon Jamat, has overcome united.

Together, we had taken a tiny step, with the sole dream of creating a self-reliant and successful Jamat. Today, we take pride in how far we have come and have immense faith in how far we can go!

With this positive team spirit, I present to you the annual report of our Jamat for the year 2013-14.

Proficient and Philanthropic: Poverty Relief Committee
The uniting efforts of Poverty Relief Committee have given a great relief and support to the needy, deserving people of Jamat. The required fund is being immediately disbursed to the poor people of our Jamat for their various financial needs after thorough survey and scrutiny. Innumerous deserving people of Jamat have become self-dependents and Zakat givers with the help of Interest Free Loans for various purposes.

Motivational and Miraculous: Medical Aid Committee
Medical Aid Committee has worked exceptionally hard to provide timely maximum benefits to the needy sick patients of the Jamat in particular and rest in general for their various major/minor life saving surgeries and treatments including Bypass Surgeries, Angioplasty, Brain Tumor, Dialysis, Cancer, Kidney Transplant.
Day by day Medical Treatment is becoming costly and beyond the specific budget of Jamat, in such cases the Selfless Medical Aid Committee Members arrange the amount with the help of other institutions and philanthropic donors.

Exceptional and Encouraging: Education Committee
Education Committee is trying its best to eradicate the darkness of illiteracy from the Jamat and lit the candle of literacy in each and every family of Jamat. Investment in human-beings is the best investment. Educational Prize Distribution Functions encourages the morale of students since schooling age and inspires them towards education which ultimately encourages, promotes and advanced them in achieving Higher Professional Degree Courses which results “Upliftment in TOTO”. It is well said by Donors that “It is better to invest in Human being rather than in Buildings”.

Abraham Lincoln has rightly said that “Some achieve great success proves that others can achieve it as well”.     

Worthy Wonder Women: Women’s Wing
The secret behind the success of our Ladies Committee of Jamat is that instead of fighting old ideas and traditions, they worked hard on building new ones. ‘Honahar Beti’ (Grooming Course) is one dream which has been established successfully and has emerged as a blessing for our girls.

Splendid and Spectacular: Souvenir
Souvenir is the perfect example of our vision, which is development of our community. It has bloomed immensely in terms of content, quality and recognition of our Jamat.


Allah Hafiz

Anwar Abbajumma
Kolsa Mohalla Halai Memon Jamat