The greatest legacy one can pass on to one's children & grandchildren is not money... but rather a legacy of character & faith.

About Kolsa Mohalla Halai Memon Jamat

With a rich history of 137 years ie. 1885 being the year of its existence, Kolsa Mohalla (Ranavav) Halai Memon Jamat is one of India's oldest community organisation that has lead humanitar an efforts and initiatives to bring a change.

Bombay became Mumbai but one thing did not change Le. the selfless Memon community's contribution which played a major role behind the growth and emergence of Mumbai on the global front.

The Memons of Kolsa Mohalla (Ranavav) Halal Memon Jamat were the first to arrive on the shores of Mumbai and from here on never looked back.

We are successful businessmen, doctors, industri alists, advocates, artists etc. but what separates us from others is that we gave a lot more than what we got from this city. Our blessed vadeels with their extraordinary willpower, zest and zeal made sure that our Jamat plays a major role in humanitarian efforts.

Whether it was Education or Medical activities and initiatives for the needy, followed by Housing initiatives for the homeless, Kolsa Mohalla (Rananav) Halai Memon Jamat has lead from the front.

We are not just a Jamat or a community or any other NGO... We are a family who have been blessed by Allah SWT to be the changemakers!

Halai Memon Jamat gives you the freedom of choosing your own decorators who work in coordination with the wedding venue to provide you with ample options for your various ceremonies like the Haldi, Sangeet, and the wedding so that you get to choose the best decorations for each event without any hassle.

The venue provides the bride and groom every amenity so that they are comfortable in between the wedding ceremonies. The wedding venue offers inhouse catering and DJ services so that youre guests can enjoy to the fullest.

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.

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