Women Empowerment

We believe that it is our moral responsibility to empower our sisters as we believe that an empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. Our sisters have always made our community proud and it’s time we empower them like never before.

Your funds will be directly used to empower them as we look to execute Honahar Beti initiative in our Jamat Khana.

We don’t want to empower them with just education but we also want to give them a platform to earn. Keeping this in mind, we will do Kolsa Bazaar initiative for them too.


The first word of the Qur’an revealed to the Prophet was Iqra which means Read.

It was the first command in Islam. Every man should read. Indeed right to education plays a major role in Islam and we take our responsibility of becoming a zariya to educate our brothers and sisters very seriously.

We want to make sure that maximum number of our brothers and sisters are educated as that will lay the foundation of a strong community.

And hence we will do the following initiatives with your donation in respect to education.

Project Zameen

Many of us are blessed with houses of our own but not all of us are blessed in a similar way. We have been playing a major role in helping people get their own abode by helping them in whichever way possible. Below are the initiatives that we look forward to achieving in respect to Housing.

Construction of dilapidated structure
Construction of houses
Donating houses to the needy

Project Shifa (Medical Help)

In today’s day and age, healthcare is of prime importance for any community. With Project Shifa we aim to take health care to the next level as we aim to achieve goals which no other Jamats or community has ever tried to achieve.

Donate Your Zakat To Jamat

With your generous donation which will lead to the execution of the above initiatives, we aim to bring a change in our Jamat and together we will script a legacy which will be celebrated by our generations in the years to come.

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